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What statistics say

What statistics say

According to ARMO (Romanian Association of Online Shops) in 2020, online sales in Romania increased by 30% compared to 2019, compared to an increase of only 20% in 2019 compared to 2018.

The EUROSTAT report of January 2020 shows that more than 85% of Romanians have used the internet at least once in the last 12 months.

The same report states that over 45% of Romanian internet users have made at least 1 online purchase in the last 12 months.

What do these statistics mean for your ecommerce business?

The Coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the upward trajectory of online shopping and increased people’s trust in online shops.

The main reasons why they choose to order products online are convenience, a wide range of products and especially home delivery.

As online sales have grown, so has the number of online businesses, with many brands having to migrate online due to restrictions and quarantines.

Bottom line.

The ecommerce market has become more competitive, and your online business needs to perform.

5 Reasons Why online shops
don't attract customers

1. Not reaching the right audience

In other words, audience segmentation and targeting are not done correctly. The Aspendos solution: we analyze and collect information about your audience, and each campaign will be segmented, based on the audience.

2. Run losing campaigns

Testing is done with too big budgets, or campaigns run without testing the audience first. The Aspendos solution: we test every campaign with a minimum budget and invest ONLY in those that make a profit.

3. Marketing infrastructure is not built correctly

One of the most common mistakes is setting up the wrong Facebook or Google ad account. The Aspendos solution: every collaboration starts with a FREE Audit of the channels used and optimization of all parameters to streamline omnichannel promotion.

4. Optimization is not done regularly

The mistake many agencies make is that they DON'T regularly check the ads they run to optimize them. Aspendos' solution: we check every ad running daily and adjust the budget constantly, taking into account the figures (ROI, ROAS, KPI, ATC, CPA, etc.).

5. Don't have up-to-date strategies and tools

Online promotion channels are constantly changing and many agencies are not keeping up. Aspendos' solution: We keep abreast of every change and use the latest and best tools to develop effective strategies that deliver results.

How we help you have a profitable online store

We deliver results based on KPIs and Shopper Psychology

We’re a Full Stack Agency, and that means meeting every need your online store has with results. Every campaign starts with thorough Research and analysis based on business KPIs. The experts on the Aspendos team make every decision based on hard numbers and data that ensure your profits are consistent and growing.


Aspendos Services

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Google & Youtube Ads

Google & Youtube Ads

High-performing, data-driven Shopping, Search & Display campaigns that bring you customers across all Google platforms.

Web & Graphic Design, <br>UX, UI

Web & Graphic Design,

Your online store and web pages will provide a delightful experience for customers who visit your site and will engage through design.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Ads based on performance metrics and optimized to attract qualified leads and customers from multiple market segments.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Your webshop will accelerate up the Google Hierarchy to the top positions by optimizing the text and links on your site.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Higher sales among customers who have already bought from you and are in the database we grow with each campaign.

CRO - Conversion Rate Optimization

We optimise digital pages and processes to attract the maximum number of customers with the lowest budget and highest ROAS.


Get to know the Aspendos Team


My name is Daniel Birtaș and I am the founder of Aspendos Agency.

The reason I decided to start a team was to provide clients with what they lack: real, numbers-based results.

Most agencies talk about growing and developing your business, but in Romania, we still have a lot to learn about that.

And over 6 years of experience and international collaborations have shown me that we can do better.

We set out with the idea that we can do better, with the moral responsibility to provide transparency in the whole process, clarity and results.

Our aim is to provide you with the services you need and we believe in open, honest and committed partnerships.

We want to be the brand that sets a new standard for agencies in Romania, with better results at fair prices.

We offer a full range of digital marketing services, so that your ecommerce business can find the right solution, the desired quality and the promised results in one place.

And this is possible with the help of our team of professionals, who do things with the dedication that only true passion for what you do brings.

I invite you to meet them.


Echipa Aspendos


Daniel Birtas

CEO & Marketing Strategist


Iulia Greab

COO & Marketing Strategist


David Birtas

Brand Strategist


Eduard Dreptate

Marketing Strategist


Alexandra Vidroiu

CEO Assistant


Kertesz Roxana

Media Buyer & Creatives


Natalia Pop

Media Buyer & Creatives


Pastean Paul

Email Marketing & SMS Marketing


Ishikawa Constantin Ioana



Bianca Turca

Head of SEO Department


Renata Danut



Cristina Ghenie

Creative Director

Clienți care ne apreciază
pentru performanțele oferite



From 0 to sales of over 1 million lei in a year

111K lei
Buget Investit intr-un an
1,18m lei
Vânzări totale intr-un an
375 lei


Online shop with more than 3630 products, in the field of Tools.


Optimize and increase sales, after a 6 month period of declining sales.

Free Audit Conclusions:

After a thorough audit, starting from the Check-out and Thank You Page process and ending with the lead generation process, we discovered the causes of the drop in sales.

Pages were loading too slowly (7 seconds – recommended speed is max. 3 seconds)

Essential information was missing from the product page (warranties, delivery, payment methods), which increases the page conversion rate if included

Unhelpful product information, which loaded the page unnecessarily

Outdated design, “Add to cart” buttons that didn’t stand out and an overly complicated checkout process


We built a strategy based on the client’s goals and agreed to rebuild the online store from the ground up to increase its overall performance, which was felt in sales with each subsequent campaign run.


That said, we started Facebook Ads campaigns on 24 July with a budget of 1000 lei. The results were satisfactory so in a short time we scaled to 3500 lei per day budget, and sales of at least 23,000 lei per day.

Since we saw that it was very profitable, we tried new campaigns and increased the budget to 5000 lei per day in September. After more testing and analysis, I realized that indeed, at a budget of 5000 lei per day more sales come in, but the profitability rate drops.

For this reason, we found a sweet spot at 2000-4000 lei/day invested in Facebook Ads and we expanded to other promotion channels to attract more customers.

We started campaigns on Google Ads with 1000 lei, and after a short time after the ads were optimized, we doubled the budget on Google Ads, reaching 2000 lei invested / day.

In the meantime, the election campaigns came and the costs on Facebook increased, so we left the budgets at 2000-3000 lei / day to maintain the profitability rate.

The campaign results for September can be seen below, together with a screenshot for the whole shop period, i.e. 68 days.

5 Requirements to start a collaboration with us

1. Your brand has been active on the market for at least 6 months

2. You are willing to invest at least $100 / day

3. Logistics, delivery and customer relations are assured

4. You can process 2x more orders or are willing to make the necessary arrangements

5. You are willing to give us your trust if you see results after the first 3 months

The process behind the scenes

Fill in the form with your details

We contact you to arrange a date and time for the discussion

We offer you a FREE Audit to find out where your business stands

We agree terms of collaboration and you complete an Onboarding Questionnaire

We start the Market and Competition Research and Analysis phase

Develop Global Strategy based on data and objectives

We implement from A to Z the steps and campaigns of the Strategy

Daily optimisation of accounts and campaigns based on the data obtained

We test different types of ads and scale only those that bring sales above the ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) set by you

On a monthly basis, we analyse together detailed reports, designed to steadily increase the number of sales

7 Reasons to leave your ecommerce business in our hands

1. We scale your business, reinvesting the budget generated by your growing number of sales

2. We are transparent and provide you with detailed monthly reports

3. We deliver the promised services, respecting the contract and exceeding expectations through results

4. You have the full range of services your business needs in one place

5. Save time for business development or for your loved ones

6. You can enjoy peace and relaxation because we take care of your business growth

7. You're one step ahead of the competition with the Aspendos Team's strategies.


Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Fill in the form with your details and we'll contact you to arrange a chat.


Cluj Napoca, Transylvania, Romania

+ 4 0733 127 921